imgresWe keep things for a couple of reasons.  Sometimes they remind us of events, people, and feelings and sometimes we think that as soon as we throw something away, we’ll need that item again.

Each reason for keeping things comes with its own set of questions and challenges, but this week we’ll work on how to approach our “Memory Clutter” and some solutions.

As you go through the attic, closet, basement, garage, etc., here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why am I keeping this?

  • Do I even like the item?
  • Do I keep it because I want to or only because I care for the person who gave it to me?
  • Is this a healthy memory that uplifts me, or does this deplete me?
  • Does this make or cost me money?

What is the cost of keeping this?

  • How much space does this item “own” in my home?
  • If I keep this, where should it be so that I can find it later easily?
  • How much does this item “own me”? (A cluttered environment creates stress and confusion.)

The S.P.A.C.E. below is from Julie Morgenstern’s book “Organizing from the Inside Out”.


SORTas you go through each items sort them into categories and place them in bags or boxes – make sure you mark each clearly as to the contents!

PURGE think of what you’ll SAVE when you purge!  A space for the items you really use and love!  This is your opportunity to give items away, donate, recycle or just toss!

ASSIGN a Home – find a proper place for the items based upon where they are used and how often.

CONTAINERIZE once your items are together, there’s an array of choices for storage from clear tubs to pretty, lined baskets.

EQUALIZE – 2 weeks after the job is complete go back and reevaluate your system for refinement.

Need a little help getting started?  Feel free to contact me and we can talk about how to take you from over-whelmed to under-control!