About Me

Photo - Bus Card - Gaussian Blur, Light, Softened, Shadow Removed - IMG_0742 copyI would consider myself “somewhat” organized. If you asked my friends, they may say I’m ‘over the top’ organized.

Either way, I think I was born with the organizing ‘gene’. It came naturally to me and keeping things ‘tidy’ reduces my own stress.

The ‘planning’ part of my life came about slowly. As I got older (and life got busier) I knew I had to prepare in advance for events and meetings.  I was never a last-minute person and pacing myself took the pressure off.

The business guru Ichak Adizes said, “Business mirrors life”.  Couple that with the Girl Scout motto, “Be Prepared”, and you have great beginnings. When you’ve prepared and have a plan for the upcoming days and weeks you can handle life’s ‘surprises’ and business challenges with a lot less anxiety.

And now I have the opportunity to share what comes naturally to me. How much better does life get, when you can use your strengths to help others reduce stress and lift their burdens!


      • Over 25 years in business administration & corporate environments

Completion of Studies:

      • Business Organizing & Needs Assessments
      • Residential Organizing & Needs Assessments
      • Residential Project Management
      • Fundamental Principles of Productivity & Organization
      • Time Management
      • Eliminating Excess
      • Downsizing with Seniors

 Education and Training:

      • Business Associates Degree – DuBois Business College
      • Indiana Institute of Technology
      • National Association of Professional Organizers

 Professional Memberships:

Past Community & Volunteer Affiliations:

      • Won By One to Jamaica – Board of Directors (current)
      • City of DuBois Zoning Hearing Board – Board of Directors & Chairman  (9 years)
      • Tri-County Church – Board of Directors (6 years)
      • Tri-County Church – Youth leader  (12 years)
      • DuBois Council of the Arts – Board of Directors and Past President  (3 years)
      • CRI/Reitz Theatre (2 years)
“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust, must prove faithful. – 1 Cor. 4:2 (New Int’l)


If you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to add, I would love to hear from you!

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