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We’re all overwhelmed with this fast-paced “Do-It-All and Do-It-Now Lifestyle”.  Call it “stress”, “anxiety” or “pressure”, most of us are feeling it.  We struggle to fall asleep and then to wake up.  We wrestle and worry about what has to be done tomorrow and what we may have forgotten to do yesterday.  As a result, we suffer from tension headaches, high blood pressure and poor diets.

The real problem is that we haven’t identified the necessary from the optional. When when we pinpoint the critical needs and responsibilities, we’re able to focus on problem-solving.  Once the critical has been identified, it needs to be written down! Because when we identify and list our priorities we permit ourselves to push the “non-essentials” to another time.  In turn, we may find ourselves feeling less overwhelmed and more in control.

When we make a list, we are able to comprehend the priorities, everything becomes more manageable. 

People who want to appear clever rely on memory.  People who want to get things done make lists.



  1.  Stress – Lists reduce stress levels as they help us to feel in control.  We organize what is otherwise overwhelming and bring order to chaos.

2)  Our Brains – They’re good for the brain as it gives us clarity.  We’re now able to focus our minds and process the information we are receiving.

3)  Accomplishment – We get a feeling of accomplishment and this positive feeling of completion encourages us to start another task.

4)  Reminders – Lists tell us what we have done and what we have left to do.

5)  Options – They give us opportunities to ask ourselves: “Are there things on my list I can “outsource” to others?”  “Do I have to do all of this myself?”

6)  Moods – If we write down what needs to be done we’re able to tackle different tasks at different times based upon how tired we are physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

7)  Problem Solving – When we create lists, we automatically consider how we can tackle big tasks by breaking them down into manageable parts.

ZZ - Blog - Stress & Lists - Keep Calm & Make a List