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Olympic - 2Can you imagine how many people and how much time it’s going to take to clean up Sochi after 100,000 were there?

Just cleaning a teenager’s room could be considered an Olympic event, especially if doing closets and under the bed!

Our living areas can become a jumbled mess and we find ourselves stepping over objects or looking for space to put down a drink We step into the kitchen and need to clear a spot to just to begin preparing a meal.

Are you overwhelmed when walking into a room? Do you need to “train before you jump in?

Do you wonder “How did this happen?

Do we, as Americans, “over own”? Based on the Pareto Principle, we only use or wear, about 20% of what we own. So why do we keep all this STUFF?

Here are several justifications we use 

Reason: “I may not use it, but I paid a lot for it.”  Neiman Marcus

The Challenge: Then why are you keeping the evidence? If you keep it another year, will you have paid less for it?

Reason: “It’s valuable.”

Challenge: Its value is based on what somebody else is willing to pay for it. If you keep a lamp in the attic, it has no value. If you sell the lamp, it has/had value (not to mention you have more space).

Reason: “It was a gift.”

Challenge: The person who gave it to you didn’t mean for it be a burden, it’s o.k. to let go; it doesn’t mean you don’t love the person. (If it makes you feel better, take a photo of it before you “let it go”.)

Reason: “I don’t have time to deal with it.”

Challenge: But you can have your time burdened with facing it everyday? Even if it’s not right in front of you, you still KNOW it’s there and that if you put one more item in that closet or attic you may trigger an avalanche.  (The burden is still there.)reduce, simplify, donate, etc

Here are 6 ways to “Reduce Ownership”

Give-away – it’s a much better feeling to pass on treasures to loved ones
Donate – a box of items here and there is sometimes easier than trying to do it all at once (this is my preferred method)
On-Line – eBay, Craig’s List, Facebook or community boards
On-Site – garage sales and auctioneers
Recycle – Google to find the site closest to you
Toss – call your local city office to see what, where and when to take items or you may want call a refuse company to bring a container to your home
Need a little help or encouragement?  Feel free to phone or email!