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Google - all appsDo you use Google?  Do you use it to its maximum potential to save you TIME and increase Communication AND save Money?

Google - contacts to cell


Contacts – Add co-workers, clients, or vendors for immediate auto-dialing and texting.

Email Groups – create “Groups when adding contacts and send one email to multiple people for faster, clearer communication.Google Mail

Multiple Emails – set up multiple email accounts to respond by business entities/divisions (or even personal).  Switch back and forth between email addresses and they stay separate.

Google Calendar Image

Multiple, Integrated Calendars – these are automatically color-coded and can be viewed separately or integrated.  Have office meetings, projects and deadlines in one location with pop-up reminders sent via email to all those involved. Reduce the confusion and increase the accountability!

Google Drive 2

Cloud – upload files to Google Drive and create access for everyone to review and types of documents whether agendas, meeting notes, spreadsheets or PDFs.  (No reason to open a laptop or even a tablet!)

What does this mean to you? 

Integration = Efficiency = Time Savings = Focus – All the information you need is at your fingertips to make decisions on the spot

Here’s Google’s mission, shouldn’t it be yours?Google - Mission 2

If you need help or training with any of these features, feel free to phone or email!