Melting Clock

Time management is like money management.  If you continually come up short at the end of the day or month, eventually you’re going to have to try to figure out where you’re spending your money or, in this case, spending your time.

You see, time can be managed the same way as money. But, first we need to do an honest evaluation of where we are spending (or losing) our time now. This Time Map in 30-Minute Increments is a great tool to help you evaluate objectively where your hours are going.  For a clear illustration of where you spend your time, this should be completed for two weeks. (I know this sounds difficult, but some time management specialists suggest 15 minute segments!)

Your time is as valuable as your bank account, it’s important that you honestly record your time for the full two weeks. The average person is unable to account for about 3 hours each day, which makes us wonder “Where do they go?”.

We’re quick to name when others rob of us of our time; but, we also need to be honest with ourselves and take responsibility for the hours we fritter away. We may complain about not having enough time or money, but we need to see factually where these resources are going.

Self-imposed Time-Robbers: 
      • Facebook (social or games)
      • Pinterest
      • YouTube
      • Email
      • TV shows
      • Movie Watching
      • Social Texting
 Self-imposed but LESS RECOGNIZED Time-Robbers
      • Inability to say no
      • Fuzzy priorities
      • Perfectionism
      • Lack of planning
      • Disorganization
      • Poor delegation
      • Lack of discipline
      • Poor planning

By the way, there are many times when we are waiting for other people (and perceive them to be wasting our time) when we could actually be using that time productively for ourselves or family.  (More about that in another post!)

“It’s not so much what you do each day – it’s what you get done that counts.” – Will Rogers

Anybody brave enough to time map with me for the next two weeks?  I’m willing to share mine!  

A partner makes it all the more fun – email me and let me know when we start together!