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I’m not talking about the plate of strawberry french toast stuffed with syrup and whipped cream you had for breakfast.

I don’t mean the breakfast of strawberry french toast stuffed with syrup and whipped cream. (Which will wear off in a few hours.)

I mean “What is the burden on your shoulders?”   What is the undone thing that’s lurking in the back of your mind?

The more we put something off, the bigger it gets and sometimes it snowballs into guilt.  So we try not to think about it; but when it creeps back in, it’s bigger than before.    

So why do we procrastinate?   It could be that we’re overwhelmed by a project or task and don’t know where to begin.  Sometimes we’re struck by perfection paralyses and the fear of not doing it “well enough” prevents us from even beginning.  And sometimes it’s just because the job is unpleasant and we don’t want to do it. 

Now, how do you make it to “git r done”?  First, identify what you feel you should be doing.  If you can define it in detail, that’s half the battle.  Next, do you know WHY you keep putting this off?  Once you discover the why, you can begin the problem solving. 

If your basement is a disaster, can you visualize what you want it to look like?  Can you work at it in phases, by breaking it into smaller areas, or by similar items?   Can you “chunk” the project into doable time frames so you can celebrate the accomplishments as you make progress? 

If it’s something you just don’t want to do, estimate how much time it will really take and find a way to make it more enjoyable.  If it’s only 15 minutes, you may be able to phone a friend; if it’s a longer project, is there someone you can recruit to help or just keep you company? (Reciprocating with a friend always makes it more fun.)  Sometimes the best motivation is just to put the kitchen timer on and get laser focused to just get it off the list!

Let’s be honest, we all procrastinate, just for different reasons on different tasks. Here are some words to remember:

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

Is there something you’ve been putting off and found a way to overcome the delaying?  Do you have any tips or suggestions?  Please share, we would love to hear from you!

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