7 Reasons Why Mentally Organized People More Productive

mental-organzationOnce all of your tasks and responsibilities are recorded in a trustworthy system that you can review whenever you want, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting to do anything.

This equals more productive employees and/or a smoother running household.  It’s undeniably necessary to be organized when you’re juggling varied demands at work, home or both.

When you free up what’s in your head, it’s like freeing up the RAM in your computer.  You are now able to use your energy to sort and prioritize your more important responsibilities.

Mentally organized employees are more productive because they:

  1. Create systems that work and have to make fewer decisions in the long run.
  2. Don’t have to remember as much as disorganized people.
  3. Know what’s happening in the next few days, week, etc. and can change plans quickly to prioritize.
  4. Have less on their mind and more time to focus on what’s needed and important at that moment.
  5. Are able to respond faster to a new need from a coworker or boss and be flexible.
  6. Work in uncluttered environments and have systems that think for them from prior experience – another time saver.
  7. Make fewer mistakes and don’t make the same mistakes repeatedly.

Other benefits of Mental Organization include improved health and vitality.  See the article here from the Huffington Post.

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”     -A.A. Milne