Procrastination - Thief of Time

We ALL procrastinate now and then, and it’s nothing more than the time gap between when we decide to do something and when we actually take action.  A big part of procrastination is not knowing where to start or how to organize what you need to do.

Here are some common procrastination problems and solutions:

  # 1 – You Just Don’t Want To  (Let’s face it, some things just aren’t fun.)

Solution:  Establish a reward for yourself.    Schedule a beginning and ending time for what needs to be done,  and then take yourself out for an ice cream or another other treat.    Call a friend and schedule to have coffee or do something fun with them.  Let them know that THEY are your motivation to make sure that YOU are successful!

# 2 – You Don’t Know Where to Start (Example:  Preparing to move a student or yourself home at the end of a year at college)

Solution:  Google It!   Almost any problem you meet, someone else has already faced!  Save time and Google your way to solutions.  There are pages of websites about students moving back home.

# 3 – You’re Overwhelmed (Example:  Moving, again)

Solution:  Break down the problem into “do-able” tasks and make a list:

1.   A date to pick up boxes and newspapers or other items needed for packing.
2.   A list of items that be packed away first (winter clothes, etc.)
3.   A list of items which should be packed last.
4.   Which utilities must be notified?

# 4 – Lack of Motivation (Example:  Cleaning Closets)

Solution:  Find a friend who is also struggling to get motivated.

If you have work to do at home, plan a time to phone and catch up while you’re both sorting drawers, closets and doing general cleaning.

If you live nearby, maybe you can share the burden by helping each other. Windows will go a lot faster if you have a friend with you!

Listen to music, podcasts or an audio books while you clean or sort belongings

If you’re interested in making more out of your time, check out this earlier post on “Time Robbers”.